Bundler in the Software lifecycle (cheatsheet)

I've read Bundler's documentation recently because I wanted to better understand how it is supposed to be used. My learning has been a bit difficult for a simple reason: there is a lot of text on Bundler's website, but no real concrete scenario explained with a good old image. So I've decided to share the one I've built during my learning:


  • This cheatsheet is not dedicated to Rails, Sinatra, or whatever the technology you use. It is not even dedicated to web applications... I've tried to keep it somewhat abstract: developing, releasing, deploying is sufficiently general IMHO.
  • However, it is dedicated to applications (in contrast to libraries) because bundler is designed to handle such cases (and is not intended to be used inside gems. The cheatsheet can still be used but must probably be adapted if you use bundler to develop a gem.
  • This is one typical, simplified use case. The lifecycle is certainly arguable. My aim is only to illustrate where bundler subcommands are typically used.

I won't explain this cheatsheet any further, not because I'm lazy, but because I would like it to be completely self-contained and self-explanatory. Don't hesitate to ask questions or send comments with the form below and I'll update the cheatsheet if needed!