What is this blog about?

This blog is about computer science, and tries to make the bridge between theoretical ideas (concepts and abstractions) and practical implementations of these ideas (from the concepts in practice to the actual source-code that makes them alive).

The author

This blog is written by Bernard Lambeau, an active researcher of the computer science departement of the University of Louvain (Universite catholique de Louvain, Belgium). You can follow me on twitter and on github and on linkedin. Of course, you can also join me about this blog or anything else by email at blambeau at 'the well-known google messaging service'.

The objectives

I'm a researcher in computer science so this blog talks about computer science. My primary aim is to share ideas. I'm not sure all are good ideas, but I'm pretty convinced that at least one or two are not so bad. My second objective is also to provided open-source code implementing these ideas. I will not give implementations for all of them, for two reasons: firstly, some ideas are not implemented at all; others are sometimes 'proof-of-concepts' projects and the source code can be ugly, not sufficiently tested or not well documented. However, I'll often give short code excerpts for simple things, and give pointers to stable, tested and documented projects when they are.

As will quickly appear, I'm a "never happy" guy and have the easy criticism. The without offense guys rule always applies here: it's because things exist but are sometimes imperfect that we can make it better! All criticized ideas, projects and implementations are an inspiration source for me; I'm really grateful to their authors for providing them !


I'm really grateful to the University of Louvain for providing me such a nice job, to my research advisor Axel van Lamsweerde for his guidance and to my colleagues (especially Christophe Damas, Jose Vander Meulen, Jean-Noel Monette and Antoine Cailliau) for fruitful discussions about computer science in general and some of the ideas presented here in particular. Some time ago, this blog used to use a CSS template written by David Herreman (the one I don't know) downloaded on free-css-templates.com.

Redde Caesari quae sunt Caesaris: ideas here are naturally inspired from the work of other computer scientists. I always try to provide references in my writings (don't hesitate to send me an email if you think that a reference is clearly missing in a given article). I would like to mention two authors in particular, C.J. Date and Hugh Darwen, and their third-manifesto which is one of my biggest inspiration sources.

Special thanks go to my brother Louis for being so interested by my ideas, for his help in trying to implement them, for his administration of the hosting server of this blog and for maintaining chefbe.net development tools.


Unless stated explicitely, all ideas written here are the intellectual property of Bernard Lambeau. All text material is under a Creative Commons Licence 2.0. Unless stated explicitely, short code excerpts appearing here may be used freely, but are given without ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Source code (clearly indicated as being) extracted from a given implementation project of the present author remains under the same licence as the project it is extracted from (often GPL, LGPL or MIT.